Privacy Policy

Hair Tyme Salon has assimilated the privacy statement so that you can be informed about its policies with reference data stored from this website. Using our website is allowance that you are accepting our privacy policies and completely agree with it. While browsing Hair Tyme Salon website there are various unknown information about your visit is automated signed in, that may indulge the information the internet address you are using, the web pages your using of hair Tyme salon, the time spending in the website and any kind of data which is connecting directly to the Hair Tyme Salon website are not personally identifiable information.

Personally Identifiable Information

Personally identifiable information is information, which is related to personal choice of allowing someone to communicate with you, for instance your email address, phone number, name, and address anything that you submitted in hair Tyme Salon Website. We assure you that hair Tyme Salon will not restore or share your all the details which you have registered with us without your consent. Hence, if you don't want to access any personally identifiable information about you, then do not register or submit any information. You are freely to visit our website without having submitted any personal identifiable information about you. You have also other option to reveal personally identifiable information about yourself that are preserved as explained below: might restore personally identifiable information about you from the website by Email and other communication channels like mobile number and all that. You can also select the option to communicate with by mail, phone , fax, writing and other possible methods. restores your details through these mediums and that can be personally identifiable information. might use personally identifiable information that are restored from browsing website , transaction, newsletter, requesting feedback from customer offers , promotional messages and coupons, reverting to your questions, comments, feedback . But we are committed to maintain the security of our database and user details whichever is shared with their consent.

This privacy policy administrates your utilization of the website of for desktop usage developed by our IT Team. The website and mobile application of the website contain the information you bestow when you download and sign up the application and any of the details that you submit in the website or application. This information can includes your email address, mobile or phone number, social media login, address and all that.