About Us

Hair Tyme Salon: An Emerging Unsex Salon in Noida

Hairdressing is more than a haircut and people often overlook the significance of hair care. Nowadays we have seen that there are many unsex salon are emerging because people are conscious about their look in terms of hair. Hair Tyme Solutions is an emerging hair care salon that offers men and women unisex hairstyling at very comfortable environment. Now the question comes in our mind that why we at Hair Tyme Solutions are best among others? What set us apart from our competitors?

What Makes people to prefer hair Tyme Solutions Among other Unisex Salon

Being a responsible and trustful enterprises, we are absolutely working on the betterment of our customer service. When it comes to give comprehensive hair care solution we are here to provide innovative and affordable hair service that includes hair cut hair wash, hair conditioning, blow dry, bay haircut, hair colouring, oil massage, shaving etc. No doubt, we are the best hair salon for men and women both Few points, which make us different from others:-

With our industry-leading expertise, our Innovative ideas, and professional services, we can provide the most economical and the highest efficient solution to our customers. Our team are always ready for your service.

  • Modern and well-versed hair stylists
  • We are occupied with industries best and contemporary hair stylist who knows how to mould your hair that suits your personality.

  • Competitive pricing
  • Well, we are not saying that we are very cheap or we are costly, rather we would happy to tell our customers that we charge them reasonable because we value their money, so there is no any funda of hidden charges and everything is transparent in terms of costing.

  • Cleanliness and lively ambience
  • Cleanliness is one of the first priorities of prosperity and we totally believe in that. Our salon supports the importance of cleanliness and we believe in organizing thing nicely so that there would not be any sign of untidiness and mismanagement. We are the top-notch Unisex salon in Noida.

  • High Quality Materials and Advanced Equipments
  • We use high quality and skin friendly material that is comfortable for every customer. We know that how quality matters a lot and we endorse it completely. You will not find any outdated and inferior quality of material in our salon. We have advanced equipments such as trimmers, hair dryers, massage chairs , hair wax heaters, hair streamers, hair pressing iron, curling tongs to name a few.

  • High Level Customer Satisfaction
  • We assure you to give 100% assistance and satisfaction because we are here to serve our customers and we know that if we are fulfilling their expectation in a right manner then they will definitely get attracted to us. Customer satisfaction and prompt service assistance is our USP.